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Recently Apple introduced iOS 11.2 containing fixes for the December 2 reboot/respring bug and different upgrades and improvements. The refresh additionally presented three new live WALLPAPERS for the iPhone X.

The new WALLPAPERS were utilized by Apple in its showcasing effort for the iPhone X so in a perfect world, these backdrops ought to have sent with the gadget itself. Regardless, now that the WALLPAPERS are accessible, you can appreciate them on the delightful 5.8-inch OLED show of the iPhone X. In any case, in the event that you possess a more seasoned iPhone which did not access these backdrops with the iOS 11.2, don’t be frustrated. You can download the wallpapers from the source connect beneath and appreciate them in their full superiority on your iPhone.


A high-quality version of the above wallpapers alongside the various wallpapers in iOS 11 can be found and downloaded from here. The live forms of the latest wallpapers are yet to be separated from the iPhone X so you should manage with the static adaptation until further notice.

Get The latest Wallpapers for iPhone X!



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