Cottage Garden Hacks, Cheats and Tricks


Cottage Garden, as the name sounds is an artistically developed board game for aspiring gardeners.  Meant for people with a deep passion for gardening and never ending love for nature and plants, this game sets up a challenging contest to display your skills and creativity.

All you have to do is make use of the provided garden equipment, flowerpots and cloches to fill the beds in every nook and corner of your garden with vibrant, colorful plants and greenery. Make sure to decorate and organize your garden in the limited space provided. Your points will be based on how well you beautify the garden depending on your ingenuity and diversity from the other players.


Each player will have two dissimilar garden beds, each having different spaces that let you earn points if left uncovered. The flower tiles used to cover the beds are available in varying geometric shapes to make the game more interesting. Once you are done covering the whole bed, you can replace it with a new one. Player with the highest points after the six rounds wins the game. Each of the rounds will have a specific time for the players to finish gardening and placing the tiles. If you run out of time, you earn negative points.

Cottage Garden Features

Cottage garden is transformation of the Uwe Rosenberg’s famous board game that was released in June 2017 by Stronghold games. This allows 2-4 players to play either locally, online or even cross platform. It is widely available on both Android and iOS operating systems. Guess the best part, this game is completely nonviolent in nature, family friendly and interactive to play and exhibit your skills. The theme sets up a relaxing and playful environment for both teens and adults.

The game is also available in form of Cottage Garden APK and Cottage Garden MOD APK files to download directly from the browser in your PC’s or mobile phones.

Cottage Garden Guide, Cheats and Hacks

The secret to this game is very simple. Cleverly placing the tiles and managing the supply of flowers and pots wisely. You should always be aware of your opponents’ moves and what options you should choose to score more points in each round.

There is also a trick to manage your scorecard. The flowerbeds have cats walking around to help you make the garden colorful but you can move them several boxes ahead so to prevent them from intervening. Lastly, you should focus on completing the boards as quickly as possible before the next round starts in order to gain a significant point bonus.

Cottage Garden Forum

Ever since its release, the game has reached thousands of downloads. The gaming community has ranked it as one of the best multiplayer games. In order to gain more insight and hacks, you can hop over to the Cottage Garden Forum. Also for any questions related to download or game instructions, feel free to be a part of this open forum.



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