The Most Common Windows Problems


 If you are a Microsoft Windows user then you will be facing many problems with it.

As Microsoft is always on the verge of making their Windows operating system great but not everything is always perfect and that’s why the Windows operating system has many problems as well.


Microsoft is the oldest company to make operating systems and they have improved very much since they have started this operating system business.

They invented the first Windows in the 20th century as the name of the operating system was MS-DOS that was invented in 1981.

After that, between 1985 to 1992, they invented Windows 1.0 and 2.0 and between 1990 and 1994 they took the generation to a third-round and invented Windows 3.0 and 3.1.

After that, the era of Windows operating system changed and then in 1995 they invented Windows95 which was admired by the whole world.

After three years of Windows 95 reign, they developed a new Windows in1998 which was named Windows 98. When Windows 98 came they introduced a number of new technologies with it and enhance the operating system to a whole new level.

After that Windows 98 lasted for 2 years and then they developed a new Windows in 2000 with name Windows 2000 and later on in the same year they introduced to another operating system which was called Windows ME.

for the first time they introduced two operating systems in one year and then in the very next year they introduced another operating system called Windows XP. 

Windows XP was admired by everyone in the world and was most common to use in 2001 as the user interface was redesigned and was attracted by many people throughout the world.

After five long years of success of Windows XP, Microsoft took the technology on a whole new level and created Windows Vista which was the Sixth version of the new era.

Windows Vista was developed in 2006 and the improvement was mostly in the security of the operating system. 

After the success of Windows Vista for 3 long years, they developed the most beautiful Windows in the century which is still the greatest and loved by everyone in the world.

The operating system that we are talking about is Windows 7. After that, the era of Windows 7 was started and lasted for 3 years.

Then, Windows 8 adn 8.1 was introduced which was not so good and make the bad impression of Windows in front of the world then quickly after some time they introduced Windows 10 which is still going on and having new updates every month.

  Windows 10 is not so great right now but in future will shine as Windows 7 did as soon as all the updates are developed of Windows 10. 

The Most Common Windows Problems

Basically, in this article, we will be talking about the common problems that Windows operating system faced in its all over history. 

  1. Not Enough Space To Install Windows Updates

As we face problems in Windows is the space that we need to install system updates to enhance the ability of our operating system.

As for the solution you can use CleanMyPC which is a software which will allow you to clean tons of space by removing applications, files, Windows registry database that will probably be cleaned and will remove all the temporary files that are still hanging around without even in someone use. As the software will give you the permission of what to remove and what not to so it will be your choice once the scan will be completed. 

There is another way to clean up your hard drive by using the Cleanup disk tool which is a builtin tool of Windows operating system.

For using the tool you should follow these instructions.

  • First, click on the start menu
  • Choose all programs
  • Select accessories and then system tools
  • Click on disk clean up
  • After scanning click on the files that you want to remove from your system
  1. PC Boots Slowly

Windows operating system might come to this situation when it starts to boots slow.

It happens when some malware is disturbing the operating system so you should check if there is a malware problem with the operating system or not.

You can check your operating system for malware with an antivirus or some builtin antivirus scanner like Windows 10 has.

The Windows 10 operating system has a Windows defender antivirus protection so it might catch the malware if there is one.

When you are done wit scanning with Windows defender then you can easily scan for updates as well.

  1. Files Open In The Wrong Application

Many people double click to open a file but what if the file association is broken then it will be difficult to open a file. However, there is a solution to this problem as well.

You just have to go to start menu and the go-to settings after that you have to find default apps in the system tab and after that, you can assign which file has its extension or you can just default all the applications to the factory settings. 

  1. Windows Uses Data When You Do Not Want It To

This problem is for only Windows 10 users as this problem can come when you connect with your 4G data through Hotspot and your data is eaten by all the downloading and other stuff in the system. If you want to avoid this follow the instructions.

For this, you should go to the Network and internet and then select wifi and go to its advanced options.

You can easily switch the option set as metered connection to ON status. 

  1. You Can’t Play DVD Movies

Many times DVD player won’t work with Windows and that’s why in Windows 10 Microsoft did not give their builtin media player because they taught every watches movies online and their media player works not much either.

So if you are worried where to watch movies try VLC player as it is free and a better media player than others. 

  1. Too Many Notifications

 This problem is also only for Windows 10 users.

This feature was loved by everyone in the world in the beginning but as the updates came this feature became worst as the action centre started to clutter.

If you want to remove this feature follow the instructions. 

  • Go to start menu and choose settings
  • Click on system and choose notifications and actions
  • After that switch on what you require when a notification comes you can also switch them to per-app notification or to a level of notifications that you want to see.  
  1. Your Privacy Settings Are Not Right For You

There can be privacy settings issues as well.

As many people think Microsoft does not protect the private data and can be breached any time so if you want to fix this you should change your privacy settings by going into your settings and then go to account settings. 

  1. System Restore Has Gone Missing

This problem is also for Windows 10 users. As this problem is not certain.

System restore is not missing but is hidden from you as most of the people love this feature because of its restoring PC to the last checkpoint where there were no problems with the PC and the data will be safe also.

The feature lets you safe time from reinstalling the windows that’s why people love this feature. If you want to pull this feature back from hiding then follow the instructions.

  1. Click on the start menu and type system restore on the search bar
  2. Then, select a restore point
  3. When you see the system properties panel after that click on the system protection tab
  4. Make sure your C: drive is configured if not select the drive and click configure
  5. After that, click the radio button next to system protection
  6. In the end, use the slider to take space of drive how much you need the space to restore points


We hope that these solutions might work for your Windows operating system problems.

If you have questions you can comment down we will see them through and answer them as soon as possible. If you want to know more try GetWox.


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