8 Smart Cleaning Techniques

Smart Cleaning Techniques

Smart cleaning is a method that expert housekeeping companies use. Janitorial, laundry also undergo this process. Houseproud Cleaning is such an example of a company that offers a wide range of services.

But depending on others is not a very suitable option when you can yourself do this job. Moreover, it saves you from spending some money.

You can use some simple and easy techniques to keep your house clean. As it is your house, it is solely your duty to maintain the cleanliness. 

Here are a few techniques, you might find helpful.

1- Clean the Refrigerator

No one would like the smell of rotten veggies or fruits in their refrigerator. It may also seep into dairy products. This all can be very stressful for anyone.

The easiest trick to get rid of such a mess is the newspaper. It absorbs smells, squeeze some sheets and spritz with water. Fold the news balls into corners and drawers to splash up the stench.

For smell anticipation, use sheets of paper to line drawers; supplant each couple of weeks.

2- Oven Toaster

A nonstick liner made for a full-measure broiler can be cut to suit its little cousin. Expel the dribble plate to use as a size guide, chop down a liner with scissors, and spot on the base of the broiler.

Oil spills will clear ideal off with a moist material. Hurl the liner in the dishwasher for  more profound cleaning.

3- Drains

Specialists caution that some drainage cleaners might cause damage to the pipes. So you can use baking soda, once a month to keep the drain free of clogging. Put a ½ cup of soda and ½ cup of vinegar into the drain.


Let it blend to forth for a few minutes. Then flush with a full pot of bubbling water. Use a similar strategy for kitchen pipes and warding off the stench.

4- Carpets

If you have pets, then cleaning the carpets turns out to be on hell of a job. The hairs can cause an increase in dander levels and fur. You can use a lint roller or a sponge to clean this mess.

You can also brush down the undercoats of your pets every week to avoid chasing tumbleweeds.

5- Kitchen Stove

Kitchen is the most often used part of any house. Due to this reason, the stubborn spills sit on the stove top. These spills might dry out and become almost impossible to clean.

If you tend to scrub the stove, they get scratches. The solution to this problem is to immerse some piece of clothes in warm water.

Then lay them on the stovetop and remove the burners. Let it sit there for a few minutes. Afterward, wipe off the grime with that cloth.

6- Bathrooms

To keep the soap scum controlled, it is important to wipe off dampness and residues before it hardens.

Once it dries, you will need to put some real efforts in cleaning. You can hang a pair of an extra towel in your bathroom for drying the corners where water can accumulate.

Bar soaps have fatty acids, so when these mix with water, soap scum develops. You can use liquid soap instead to control the scum. Or you may use dryer sheets.

7- Shoes & Floor

A terrifying number of germs hitch a ride on the bottoms of shoes and end up in your home. Use a no-shoe policy to keep the bacteria in control.

Put a bushel near your door goaded with few house rules. Other than this you can wipe the bottom of shoes with antibacterial wipes.

Keep some wipes reserved in a section of your house to make sure they are available all the time.

8- Washing Machine

Buildup from cleanser and fabric softeners can accumulate over time. And they cause a crazy smell.

To get rid of this, run a load of warm water with oxygenated-bleach cleaning pocket. At that point use a non -bleach purifying wipe for shrouded mold inclined spots.

Spots like the gasket etc. are hard to clean. As a training, air-dry the washer after each use by leaving the entryway open.


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