CES 2018 Winners and Coolest Gadgets


The Consumers Electronics Show (CES) is always chosen as a platform by the world’s top-notch electronics brands to introduce their products. The CES 2018 attracted a crowd of more than 184,000 people who were eager to know about the best brands introduced in the show. Since there are so many high-end gadgets that were displayed in this show, it is harder to decide the CES 2018 winners.

The CES 2018 was all about introducing screens everywhere, making the car smarter and more personalized, and improving the interaction and communication between the home gadgets. CES 2018 gave us many reasons to talk about it as it introduced so many gadgets from wall sized TVs to autonomous cars, servile robots, VR headsets, powerful PCs, and the list goes on. In this post we’ll discuss the cool gadgets at CES 2018 and present the CES 2018 winners too.

Winners of CES 2018:

If you’re eager to know about the winners of CES 2018, we have got your problem fixed. Following is a list of the CES 2018 top gadgets:

Google Assistant:


Google was left behind in CES 2017 by Amazon Alexa and this year it fought back and presented various gadgets such as the Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant integration. Google Assistant was found in everything from speakers, TVs, cars, and many other gadgets.

Sony’s Aibo Robot Dog:


There were numerous bots of different shapes and sizes seen during this year’s CES show but the Sony’s Aibo Robot Dog caught everyone’s attention. This robot is very smart and is equipped with the latest Artificial intelligence capabilities. It also uses the facial recognition feature to detect different people for example, those who are familiar to it.

Xenoma e-skin pajamas:



The accessibility technology had a big share in the CES 2018 and it was really harder to choose one as a winner. There were so many life-changing accessibility gadgets present on the show but Xenoma e-skin pajamas won the hearts of everyone. The pajamas are made up of innovative fabric sensors that can withstand the wear and tear of washing and you don’t need any type of solution or gel to connect to it either.

Black Box VR:


Black Box VR is one of the cool gadgets at CES 2018 and it allows you to keep yourself fit and smart in an interesting ways. The VR makes use of motion-tracking controllers and HTC Vive which turn the exercises and yoga into a video game. You can now easily workout using this VR gadget and make yourself smart and fit.

L’Oreal UV Sense:


L’Oreal UV Sense is one of the CES 2018 top gadgets and it is a high-end digital health and fitness product. The device is very small and it allows you to determine the amount of sun exposure you have received in a day. All this can be done using your smartphone.


Besides these products mentioned here, there were many other gadgets that comes under the category of CES 2018 winners. Such as Toyota e-Palette, Optoma 4K Alexa projector, Lenovo Smart Display, LG 2018 C-Series OLED, HTC Vive Pro, and others. Among the gaming laptops at CES 2018, Dell XPS 13 laptop and Razer’s Project Linda were the winners. Mobile phones at CES 2018 worth mentioning were the Vivo Phone with an in-screen fingerprint scanner, the Moviphone, BlackBerry Motion, Bronze BlackBerry KeyOne, and the CAT S41 rugged phone.


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