Using Castor Oil for Hair Growth (Guide)

Castor Oil

Hair is an important part of our face. We often use them as our style statement. Some people tend to prefer short hair, others may like longer. It all depends on their choices and preferences.

But the major goal of everyone is to keep their hair healthy and maintain growth. With the extensive use of hair styling products and exposure to extreme conditions. We all face problems like hair fall, dry and dull hair, etc.


In recent times, one thing has emerged as a problem solver; castor oil. Now, we see so many people even artists using castor oil or oil-based hair products.

Like them, we are also in dire need of the best castor oil for hair growth. The reason is that we all want to avert the hair fall and get those long, lush hair.

Being a source of moisture, it keeps the scalp hydrated and avoid dandruff. You get those shiny, frizz-free, healthy hair. Hence today we have summed up a few points relevant to the use of castor oil in this article.

Castor Oil for Hair Growth

The oil is basically obtained from the Castor bean. It is a rich source of ricinoleic acid. It is, in fact, a type of fatty acids that can fight inflammation. So when you apply castor oil on your scalp, it works to boost the hair follicles. This factor in return, your hair growth enhances and hair loss reduces.

How to Use It

For people facing hair loss or no hair growth, castor oil can work like magic. You can use it by pouring a few drops on your scalp and then a gentle massage.

For enhanced growth and protection, apply a few drops into the midsection and ends. This will keep the hair safe from any dryness and breakage.

For best results, you can use castor-oil based masks and leave them for about 2 hours. Keep your head covered to you won’t stain the clothes even when the oil drips.

As it has thick/heavy consistency, it can be hard to remove the oil from hair. So it is often referred to dilute the oil with other oils like coconut or jojoba.

Experts refrain from excessive use of castor oil. As it is heavy and can result in a severe build-up and matting.

Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor Oil

Here are a few perks that castor oils bring along with hair growth.

  • The acid present in castor oil boosts the blood flow to a great extent. This enhanced circulation to the scalp then improves the hair follicle. The whole process ultimately reduces hair loss and strengthen your roots. It has the ability to fight microbes too.
  • Oily scalp is one of the major reasons for dandruff. The antifungal and antibacterial qualities of castor oil work their magic. And it fights stubborn dandruff along with maintaining the pH of your scalp.
  • Splits ends are a major cause of dull, dry hair and hair fall. But the oil works to fill the gaps of keratin in your hair. This results in increased tensile strength and your hair become immune to damage.
  • As the oil gets absorbed deeper into the layer of your hair, the keratin gap is then filled. Hence this action further makes the hair smooth by restoring the cuticles. Finally, you get rich, moisture-laden hair that remains shiny.

Side Effects

Even though castor oil is a natural ingredient, it has some pitfalls. If you use it quite often or in excess, it can cause hair felting. A disorder that results in entangled hair into a hard mass.

And the solution is to cut off that mass as the process is not reversible.

Apart from this problem, castor oil can also lead to other issues of consumption in a large amount. Dizziness, fainting, nausea, skin rash and diarrhoea are a few to name.


Though excessive usage is forbidden yet if used in a balanced way, it can be of great help. Your hair will get darker, become shiny and prone to damage. Even the UV rays won’t cause any damage to them or the colour.


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