The Carpet-Cleaning Secrets From the Pros


Carpets are rugs that are often surrounded by drops, spills, stains and bad smells. To handle these problematic areas, you can take help from these carpet cleaner secrets which are given by the top experts and professionals.

Top tips are mentioned over here. With the follow up of these secrets, you will no longer feel a need to buy and use expensive Carpet Cleaners. Now, let us have a look at the details of these secrets:


Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Removing Blood Stains

Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Removing Blood Stains

To remove blood stains from your rugs, you can use hydrogen peroxide. This ingredient has the potential to take all blood stains from your rug. First of all, you have to loosen up dried blood from your carpet. Do that by mixing a mild detergent with some water.

After that, make sure to scrape off the blood from the carpet fibers. Scrape off as much you can. Moreover, right after this step, you have to apply hydrogen peroxide directly on that blood stain.

You will see that foam is going to appear. Lastly, dab that hydrogen peroxide by using a towel and let your carpet dry.

Never Rub the Carpet Stains

Never Rub the Carpet Stains

n to, never rub your carpet stains. In fact, you should only blot them. In other words, you can dab stains with the help of a cleaning solution and also a clean cloth.

Always keep in mind this blotting tip whenever you have to clean your rug or floor covering. Blotting manages to put a small or minor pressure on your carpet stain. And allow it to soak up.

However, rubbing let those stain particles to stay there into your carpet fibers for a long time. Besides, rubbing stains eventually and prematurely breakdown the fibers of your carpet.

Scrape off the Candy with a Spotter Brush

Most of the people do not know how to get rid of candy which got stuck onto their carpets and rugs? Here we are going to tell you a simple remedy. You can simply scrape off that candy with the help of a spotter brush or you can also use a butter knife.

Once you are done with scraping, then you can rub that area by using a sponge filled with water and mild soap. Candy stuck into your carpets ultimately attract dirt and debris.

Other Carpet-Cleaning Secrets From the Pros

Carpet-Cleaning Secrets

To remove beer and wine stains from your carpets, you can use baking soda for this specific job. Just blot that affected area with the soda. And see the great result.

However, if this remedy does not work for you, then what you can do is to mix one part of white vinegar along with one part of water.

Have this mixture in a handheld sprayer and spray it on the stained area. Let this mixture remain there for 10 to 15 minutes and get a clean and crisp looking rug.

If you notice that your favorite carpet is covered with some difficult-to-clean and tough to remove grease stains, then according to the experts and professionals, you should use high quality grease-cutting dishwashing detergent.

Mix a little amount of it in a cup of water. Pour this mixture in a spray bottle. Once you apply this solution, then you will immediately see that all tough stains are gone from your carpet.

Lastly, use shaving cream to remove and take off some general stains from your carpets. You just have to use ordinary shaving cream. Such a cream can easily remove every type of stain or mark.

It is directly on the stain that you have to apply this shaving cream. Let it sit for about and approximately 30 minutes. Finally, you can blot away the shaving cream with a dry clean white cloth.


What other carpet cleaning secrets and golden tips you want to know?

Keep connected with us. In the sooner time, we will put up more secrets and professional tips on this web page.


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