How to Build a Conversion Funnel That Will Triple Your Profits

How to Build a Conversion Funnel That Will Triple Your Profits

Are you thinking of conversion funnel? Do you know how to triple your profits with conversion funnel?  Do you know how a conversion funnel works?

Well, we are here to tell you all about conversion funnel so if you are interested in listening so grab a seat because this article will give all the things you want to know about conversion funnel and how you can build it to make you profit triple.

A conversion funnel is a complicated term but we can define it as a process in which a lot of visitors enter you site and increase the traffic as the traffic grows bigger and bigger so of them convert and become clients as the other visit and go but the visitors that convert in clients are in a very smaller ratio as of the traffic that came to your site.

So if you want triple the profit you should fix these leaks and make more and more clients so you can more profit from the normal profit. 

In a traditional sale, there is a term used called AIDA means attraction, interest, desire, action but this not goes as same as a conversion funnel. Conversion funnels are not that simple and straight forward, in fact, they do not treat their client as a ravage dog that is strangled or wrangled.

A conversion funnel can be less exclusive and depends on the customer’s behaviour, nurturing and retention at every step of the journey that a customer will take. The funnel is so open-minded that it does not seem to think that the conversion will get end in the checkpoint perhaps it will stay after the checkpoint also.

A conversion funnel is only a tool that is on a continuous mission of getting, growing and keeping your customer’s ideal base and even it is using all the technology, social media and many other tools that are available to fulfil the needs of a customer more efficiently.

It creates a great marketing strategy that keeps all the feature under one roof such as nurturing, behavioural targetting, retention and referrals.

Furthermore, we will see the implementation of the conversion funnel in steps so you can learn how it works.

Step1: Attracting Customers

Some times quantity is referred over quality as when it does we are supposed to fill the funnel as fast as we can as the leads aren’t an exactly high quality that can be a bad situation for marketing funnel. 

But we can change this if we do not put attention in filtering invaluable customers and instead of that we create offers and much more opportunities to attract the customers that are available then we can have a possibility of conversion from the invaluable also.

It can increase our buying process and can make a major difference in the conversion rate.

At this stage, we are looking for those customers that are benefitted by our solution and continue to look so we can find the attractive customers that responding and are interested in our offers and our future offers as well.

Step2: Encouraging Action

sales funnel

When they land on your page the first in your mind comes that you should create a great landing page as it can be incredibly tempting and will attract most of the customers but we can do much better by creating an emotional investment in your website visitor so he can come again and again. You set tremendous quick wins with the customer to win its heart.

As many companies gave the customers benefits to increase their sales and keep their customers much happier as they are even if they want to sacrifice their time and little bit of money because the companies that do such things think that the customer loyalty is important first.

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