Britney Spears Shocked As Lunatic Rushed To The Stage During Las Vegas Concert


Sometimes the fans of celebrities can go the extra mile to show their excitement and enthusiasm, and this is what just happened at Britney Spear’s concert in Las Vegas this Wednesday, 9th of Aug, 2017. Spears was completely engaged in her concert and was in the middle of performing ‘You Drive me Crazy’ when this incident happened.

The 35-year old was performing at the AXIS auditorium that is present inside the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, and she had a team of dancers with her on-stage too. While Spears was totally head on heels with the crowd, she was unaware that something fishy was going on.

A man, around 37 years old, appeared from the audience and stormed towards the stage. Within no time her dancers and bodyguards surrounded him and didn’t let him reach Spears. No doubt her team of dancers and bodyguards did a good job and are sure to get some accolade from her after the incident.

At first, Spears didn’t notice what was happening as she was unaware of the happenings on the other side of the stage. Meanwhile, she asked the crowd ‘Are you having fun?’, and after sometime, she was surrounded by three of her security guards. She finally saw that there was something wrong and she got terrified. ‘Is everything ok? What’s going on?’ she shouted in shock. She was visibly frightened and alarmed, and she even thought that the intruder had a gun. ‘He’s got a gun?’ she screamed. Soon her mic was switched off, and she was rushed to the backstage for security purposes.

Meanwhile, the fans were chanting ‘We love you!’ to show their support and love for the icon. The man didn’t have a gun, but he tried to fight with the security guards and even kicked one of them to get rid of the situation.

The dancers were quite active and muscular, and thus they were able to hold down the man for some minutes till the security guards reached the stage. The crazed man was then taken offstage and handcuffed while the crowds chanted ‘A**hole! A**hole!’. We understand their pain as the concert was brought to a halt and they had to wait for Britney to return.

The incident was captured by many people from the audience who tried to take pictures and make videos from different angles. The audience booed the man as he was lead off-stage by the security personnel.

Shortly after the incident, Britney returned to the stage and finished her mesmerizing performance to make her fans happy. The concert continued smoothly after the incident, and the crowd enjoyed her performance with even more enthusiasm.

According to the Law Enforcement Agencies of Las Vegas, the intruder, named as Jess Webb is a 37-year old man and he had been acting unorthodoxly on the stage and thus was taken into custody because of the incident. The man is currently in the Clark County Detention Center and is being questioned for what he had done.


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