Brad Pitt Found Flirting With Kate Bosworth Look Alike

Brad Pitt

If a handsome guy who looks like Brad Pitt comes and introduces himself as William, don’t make any guesses because he can actually be Brad Pitt. Yes, the 54 year old actor Brad Pitt’s real name is William Brad Pitt.

William Brad Pitt was recently spotted at a coffee shop named as Coffee Commissary which is based in Los Angeles. He was found flirting with a lady who looked just like Kate Bosworth, a 35 year old Hollywood actress who is known for her hit film Blue Crush. So, Brad Pitt arrived on a motorcycle wearing sunglasses and introduced himself as ‘William’ to a lady named Lydia, who was standing in the row. Brad was wearing a leather jacket and he looked super hot as he dashed into the coffee shop.

Brad Pitt

According to news, Brad started the conversation by saying ‘Hi, I am William’ and then the two of them shared some flirtatious sentences with each other. According to sources, Lydia first responded by saying ‘You look like Bradley’ and Brad told her that was his middle name. As he talked to her, he smiled and winked at her. Before leaving, Lydia said ‘Nice to meet you Bradley, I mean… William’. Pitt laughed to himself and set off on his bike. Lydia was lucky enough to be flirted by Brad and all this was just like a fairytale for the Brad Pitt fans.

This news has come after a long time since Brad and Angelina Jolie had split-up. Brand and Angie shared six kids and both were in a relation for 12 years. Angelina Jolie, the 41 year old actress, however, filed for a divorce just two years after their marriage. Brand and Angelina met each other for the first time in 2005 on the sets of ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’. Their last movie together was ‘By The Sea’ which, according to Angelina Jolie was an attempt by them to save their relationship.

Brad Pitt

Both of the actors now co-parent their children after reaching a custody agreement. This news about Brad flirting with Kate Bosworth look alike is a good one for all the Brad Pitt fans as this shows that he is high in spirits.

The story was leaked by Page Six in which they narrated the whole story about how Brad Pitt used his real name for flirting with a real woman. Right now many ladies are being jealous of this blonde lady Lydia as she was flirted by such a renown actor but at the same time we’re also impressed how she carried out the meeting so smoothly. Seeing such a popular actor in front can make any one start stuttering and struggling to remember their name. We must say that the lady was bold and beautiful enough to handle the scene.

What do you think of this meeting of Brad Pitt with a blonde lady Lydia at the Coffee Commissary? If you’re a Brad Pitt Fan you must be delighted because seeing him moving on is good news.



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