Some Techniques That Will Make You a Better Driver


In today’s world, almost every person owns a car or bike or some other vehicle. And those who don’t have one still want to drive one. There are many driving schools to teach you.

Others may prefer self-learning. But the most important aspect is to know about the safety rules and measures. Driving might seem an interesting task but it comes with a huge responsibility.

When you come out on road with a vehicle, you have to be careful as there are more people on foot. Though professional driving schools teach not only driving but safety measures.

Sometimes people tend to drive rash and avoid rules. Whatever be the reason it is the sole responsibility of every driver to abide by the rules. is one such place to help you in learning the basics and provide you with questioners.

Be Alert

No matter how much of a hurry you are in, never set the vehicle on the road if you aren’t active.

Sometimes when people are late from work or have other places to be at, they start to rush.

If you feel drowsy or tired, you should avoid driving. At any point, you can lose control and it may cause serious damage.

Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving

Being drunk and driving is dangerous enough. It is against law to drive after having alcohol. It is better to opt for an alternate method. But you must stay away from the road in such scenarios.

Don’t Over Speed

One of the biggest reason for accidents is over-speeding. Everyone is in a hurry to reach their destinations. So they think a little speed would cause no harm. But if all people will think in the same way, it would only bring drastic results.

Applying Brakes

Don’t get too hard on your breaks. If you push hard or be rash, the vehicle might slip. And don’t step too much on brakes.

In such cases also accidents may happen. The cars behind you may not be aware and your sudden or rash brakes can result in something serious.

Stay Focused

When on road, there are almost a hundred things going on around us. There are billboards, shops, people around and much more.

All these elements combined are more than enough to distract any person. Yet a responsible citizen and driver would prefer staying focused. Rather than losing track of why you are on the road, you must keep your eyes on the road.


All the mirrors in your car not for making it fancy. Each serves a certain purpose. Many tests include questions relevant to these mirrors.

Every single time you are about to set on the road, don’t forget to adjust them. The mirror on driver’s side is to show rear wing. The one on left is for another rear wing. And the last one inside is to show the center of the rear window.


Even if you are well-experienced, there is always room for improvement in driving. So never think that only because you have been on the road for a long time, you are perfect.

The trends always change and so does the rules. And after years, it is more common to forget about the basics. Hence one must look forward to learning about them every now and then.


You need to have patience when it comes to parking. A good driver knows his techniques well. You won’t always get clear parking spots. So practice as much as possible to be a pro.

The most difficult parking is parallel. This is quite tricky and sometimes takes years of practice. If you have mastered the parallel parking, you can drive safely on busy roads with lesser tension.

Position of Hands

During the process of learning, the instructor provides many tips. One such is the position of hands on the wheel. At old times, the rule was to keep hands at 2 and 10 according to the clock.

But now with the passage of time, it has changed. You can now place your hand in different positions. It allows a better hold of wheel and comfort while driving.


The article will be quite enough to provide you guidance. The info is very much authentic to let our readers choose what is best for them.

Yet sometimes there can be ambiguity in our minds. So if you feel like that or have a query about the data provided, ask us. We will make sure to help you out as soon as possible.


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