Best Yoga Bolster Review in 2020 – (A Buyer’s Guide)


When you practice poses of yoga, do you hate the discomfort of pressing your body against a cold, hard floor? Can you perform the same, full series at home in a yoga studio?

By using the best yoga bollards, you can get firm support as per your requirement and be comfortable.

The following buyers guide for yoga bolts, you will walk through their usage, available types and benefits of using yoga bolts.

When you start searching for your ideal yoga props, you will find a huge list of make and model.

Deciding which is right for you can be confusing at first when there are too many products on the market, but our guide will help you find your ideal bolster.

Best Yoga Bowlers


Hugger Magjar Stondis Yaoji Bolster Yoga Accessories Cotton Yoga Bowler Products Best Yoga Bowler.

Shape: Rectangular and round

Cover: synthetic blend 100% cotton cloth cotton batting

Best for: Sitting poses, Supta Veerasan and Veerasan depends on prenatal and relaxing yoga, either ideal for sitting such as Zafu.

#1 Hagar Magar Standard Choice Yoga Bolster

Hagar Mugar Standard Choice Yoga Bolster at a Glance:

  • Size: 25 “L x 11” W x 5 “H.
  • Weight: 5 pounds.
  • Size: Standard Rectangle.
  • Soft yet durable, upholstery-grade fabric removable cover.
  • Foam core and cotton filling.
  • Two convenient carry handles.
  • Handmade in united states.

Huggar Mugagar is one of the leading brands in yoga accessories. It is one of the longest established companies in the Yoga Props business established in Salt Lake City in 1986.

The company’s stated goal is to manufacture high-quality and innovative products designed specifically for Yogi’s use. This popular and well-made yoga bolster is an ideal place for sitting, Supta Veerasan and Veerasan.


Its generous size allows great stretch. Although it is firm, it has enough to offer comfort and support. Many yoga instructors recommend this bolt, and you will find it in many yoga studios.

When washing the removable cover, make sure that you only use cold water and air to avoid shrinking. In my opinion, Haggar Mugar is the best yoga bolster.

#2 Yoga Assistant Cotton Yoga Bolster

Yoga accessories support Yoga Bolster at a glance:

  • Size: 24 “L x 12” W x 6 “H.
  • Weight: 6 pounds.
  • Size: Standard Rectangle.
  • 100% machine washable, zipped cotton cover.
  • 100% cotton stuffed with batting.
  • Firm support and stability.
  • Two end handles.

YogaAsseries is a well-established company that has been selling bolsters for yoga since 1997.

If you are looking for the same high-quality and hard-to-wear bolts used in your local yoga studio, this rectangular cotton yoga cylinder is the best seller of Yogasari.

It is available in a wide range of bright colours and is designed for the right size and shape for most yoga practitione.

If you spread this bolt while meditating, it will help to keep your back straight and keep your mind present.

It is perfect for prenatal and regenerative yoga and can also be used as a sleep aid to support the spine and legs.

The fabric is soft and soft, yet the bolt is packed with evenly distributed cotton batting and so that it can deliver easily.

Being able to remove the cover and wash the machine is a great feature for hygiene. Along with providing extra support and comfort, it is the best yoga for pregnancy.


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