Best Travel Apps of 2018

Best Travelling apps

Travelling has been one of the most favorite hobbies of almost all the people. Exploring new places, going for adventures and having toured with friends is common among all. In the ancient era, people use to travel through camels, horses and by walk.

They used to identify the right path towards the destination through the sun, star and has been facing a lot of problems but nowadays those problems are not faced by the today’s generation because of the advanced technology.


Now you travel through airplanes, cars, trains and many other sources but nowadays instead of visiting the office or waiting for the rental cars you can now get access to all these through your mobile.

Science has made the field of traveling to a new level of advancement now you can travel easily just by downloading some apps each having its own functionalities.

For your comfort of travel, there are a lot of apps out there in the app store but some of the most efficient and helpful apps are mentioned in this article which would make your travel more comfortable and easy.

List of some of the most popular and helpful Apps at Play Store have been mentioned.

List of Best Travel Apps

  • Uber
  • Google map
  • City mapper

1- Uber


People face a lot of problems for travelers who don’t have their personal cars or if they visit the countries where they have been for the first time and don’t have any idea of how to travel to the hotel in which they will be staying.

For such people, Uber is a great choice. This is a travel brand working in 84 different countries. You can download the app from your play store market in your mobile for free. Through this app, you can track the different car’s location and book the one which suits you more and most importantly which is near to you.

You don’t need to wait for the taxi and search for the taxi stands just book a car it will directly come to the exact location where you will be at that time just in a couple of minutes.

Moreover, you can pay through your credit cards the payment details could be seen in your account.


  • No problems with travel.
  • A simple procedure for booking a car.
  • Have a comfortable journey.


  • None

2- Google Map

Google Map

The other one of the great app for traveling is that of the Google map that has made the level of traveling to a very next level.

This app contains the full map of all the area around the world and is the most suitable map that functions as a guide and helps you show all the alternative ways to reach your destination.

Moreover, you can download the maps of particular areas that will guide you even when you are offline.


  • Guide you to reach easily to your destination.
  • Easy to use.
  • It’s free of cost.


  • None

3- City Mapper

City Mapper

The other one of the best travel App is that of the city mapper. This app is one of the best to find and public transport. It has been connected with a few of the transportation services that help you reach your destination in a very comfortable and quick manner.

Moreover, it also allows you to check the timing of different subways and trains offline for a number of cities.

Through this, you can take a ticket of the suitable travel service and it also even alerts you when you should be leaving for the subway or train.

This app could be helpful for you if you have arrived at a new country e.g. the Rawa Island of which you don’t know the ways to the different cities and the transportation service companies also it enables you to show the timing of the trains and subways.


  • Show you the different transportation services.
  • Alert you for the time to go.
  • Most suitable for you if you have arrived at the new country.


  • None


Some of the best travel Apps has been mentioned in the article which turns the travel field to the next level and provides a full comfort and ease of use.

You can download these apps on your phone from the app store for no cost at all and can get the advantage of it anywhere in the world. Try these apps and make your travel easy.


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