Best Shows of Netflix in 2017

best netflix shows

Netflix has become the best streaming platform as it offers a plethora of TV shows, movies, and its original programs. Netflix dominated this year with as it debuted more than 1000 hours of originals this year and thus we have a full library of movies and TV shows to watch. With so many choices available to watch the shows, it becomes very confusing to decide which one to watch. If you’re deciding about the next TV show to watch on Netflix, this post will help you do that. We are going to review the top 5 shows of Netflix in 2017. So here’s the list.

1.     Stranger Things Season 2:

Best Netflix Shows
Stranger Things

Stranger Things has become one of the most popular shows on Netflix. The season one was a big hit and the Stranger Things Season Two is more awesome than that. It has a runtime of 50 minutes and there are total 9 episodes in this season. It is an 80s-based mystery thriller and is created by The Duffer Brothers. The first season was divided into 8 episodes and all the characters were very fun and interesting to watch. You’ll find it extremely addictive and according to many viewers, they watched one whole season in a single day.


2.     Mid-hunter:

Best Netflix shows

Mid-hunter is created by Joe Penhall and is based on true events. It is about two FBI agents who set off to interview the serial killers in the prison. The investigators have to interrogate the serial killers in a way so as to understand the psychology of the killers so that police can find it easier to catch the others. The TV show features excellent filmmaking and it has got extremely popular among those who like to watch thriller and mystery type shows.

3.     American Vandal:

Best Netflix Shows
American Vandal Season 1

American Vandal is a documentary style series and it is a thrilling mystery and at the same time if is full of comedic talent too. It is a parody of ‘Making  a murderer’ and it portrays the real crime and vandalism going on in the American young culture. The series points out at the sick obsession of the American Youth with the crime. The Season one comprises of 8 episodes of 30 minutes each.

4.     The Magicians:

Best Netflix Shows

The Magicians is another popular show from Netflix and it is created by Sera Gamble and John McNamara. The show tackles issues such as mental illness, sexual assault, depression, and it also features some dark sense of humor. The show comes to its best filmmaking in the season 2, but season 1 is also a must watch because it is very entertaining. It is about a guy who somewhat discovers that magic is real and he is a magician too, he then goes to a school of magic to learn this thing in depth.

5.     Master of None:

Best NEtflix Shows

Master Of None is an intriguing and funny TV show offered by Netflix. The Show is very well written and it has a casual and interesting story line. There are 10 episodes and each of it is of 30 minutes. If you want something other than thrilling mystery, and related to daily life, you must watch this show.



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