Best Indie Games Of 2017

Indie games

Are you tired of the Triple-A games and online-gaming? If yes, then you can go for the Indie games. Indie games have always been popular but recently due to the numerous launches of video games, these games have not been given enough coverage. We are going to discuss the best India games of 2017 so that you don’t miss out on any of them. Here is the list of the most popular indie games, you can also checkout some more of these games at




Defcon is a real-time strategy game, and is of that type which you could play forever. It’s a war type strategy game in which you have to use the air defense system, missiles, radar stations, aircraft carriers, airfields, submarines, and battleships. The game is a modern warfare type and involves real-time strategies and planning for winning.



Rime is a game full of adventurous puzzles and beautiful environments. The game requires the player to run at a speed and meanwhile perform the tasks to progress in the game. The game is full of gorgeous adventures and is a must try indie game.

Hollow Knight:

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Hollow Knight is a tough one and is one of the best indie games for PC. The Hollow Knight bosses are really difficult to fight with but the game is overall quite rewarding. It has an amazing cast and uses an excellent soundtrack so that you have a good gaming experience.

Late Shift:

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This game uses Full Motion Video technology and is a very interactive one. The game involves making robberies and coming out of the situation alive. The game is overall very intriguing and most of the situations involve daring things to do and keep yourself alive.


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Factorio is one of the best indie games on PC and consoles. It is a 2D game and requires the player to build factories on an alien planet. You have to fight the alien enemies and build infrastructure, invent technologies, and much more to win in the game.

Stardew Valley:

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Stardew Valley is a simulation game which involves farming. You have to expand your farm and hlp other farms to grow too. The music of this game is very relaxing and you have to act like a real farmer to play like a Pro.


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Limbo is a platforming puzzler and is one of the most popular indie games available. It uses a monochromatic color scheme and has a very distinguished environment. The game involves artistic puzzle solving techniques.


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Machinarium is a cross-platform indie game which involves a point-and-click strategy. It has a unique look which has some hand drawn graphics and challenging puzzles. The music in this game gets pleasing and exciting according to the situation.

Hidden Folks:

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Hidden Folks is an easy one and is one of the best indie games for PC. The game is packed with hidden things and you have to interact with the environment to find various items in the game.

Four Last Things:

Image result for Four Last Things gameFour Last Things is a point-and-click type of indie game in which you have to solve puzzles and one-liners. The game revolves around a man who seeks salvation at a church.


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