How to Take Your Financial Status to the Next Level?

Financial Status
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Everyone desires to do better budgeting and save more. We can see that the dynamic tech world has noted this fact and risen to the occasion.

They have come up with a plethora of path-breaking budgeting apps during the last few years. Let us, however, explore some of the best and most effective budgeting apps that could give your finances a whole new dimension in 2019 and beyond.


Budgeting could be pretty overwhelming, however, at times; it could be even more challenging to identify some help for achieving your budgeting aspirations.

Right from the typically old-fashioned envelope system to the brand new budgeters, there is a host of apps that would help in keeping your wallet full and happy. Many of these cutting-edge apps come free. Let us explore some of the best and the most popular budgeting apps of 2019.


Mint is the most prestigious and effective budgeting app. It is regarded as the yardstick for evaluating other budgeting apps.  Mint is known for its amazing features. The app would be automatically updating and categorizing transactions, giving you an overview of your overall spending and expenses in real-time.

Users enjoy the liberty of adding their preferred categories, splitting ATM transactions into things bought with that cash, and setting budgets that would be alerting you once your debts start accumulating too many debts. Mint provides you with a free credit score.

Mint is a very popular app known to help users with creating budgets, tracking bills, and receiving a free credit score.  Mint is frequently used by people because of its fantastic budgeting feature.

The app would be asking you to effectively link your bank, credit card, and loan accounts and it would be using all the valuable information from your accounts for recommending a customized budget for you as per your spending.

It would classify your expenses into broad categories such as Food & Dining, Entertainment, and Shopping. The most impressive feature of Mint is that it could allow you to see the precise amount you would be saving by reducing spending in a specific category.

Mint has discontinued its useful bill pay feature but you could still add all your bills to Mint and carry on tracking the amount and due date and even mark them as paid.


Financial Status

As per Forbes, Honeyfi is supposed to be a newer app that comes with a unique focus on assisting Gen Z or Centennials and Millennial couples start using a simple tool for managing their money together. Effective financial management is necessary for a healthy stress-free life.

Arguments relating to money often culminate in relationship failures and breakups in the United States. Moreover, Honeyfi is known to be inclusive of all sorts of couples including a gay couple. It is one of the most easy-to-use apps for beginners who are just initiating their financial journey.

It has been designed specially, for couples who seem to be initiating their money conversations. It could be used by even those couples who seem to be looking for better and improved money management. This app makes it easy and simple to split the money. Couples may get in touch with Liberty Lending for all their lending solutions.


Clarity just like Honeyfi is supposed to be a budgeting app meant for Centennials and Millennials and it has been designed specially to cater to the beginners particularly those individuals who are just initiating their financial journey with already some debts. It has more than one million users.

It has now become a part of the Marcus Program of Goldman Sachs after they acquired the app. This is a simple and aesthetically appealing app that is easy-to-use. The app consistently shares offers for cutting expenses like phone and cable bills.

It boasts of an effective built-in savings tool that allows users to go on saving money by transferring small amounts to a savings account and the amount could be as meager as $5. This works best for a newbie who is initiating the emergency savings strategy. Clarity is known to have a web version.


PocketGuard has been designed to safeguard you from spending excessively. This effective budgeting app would be linking to all your financial accounts. You could constantly keep track of all spending in comparison to your budget all through the month. It could be set up quite easily without any hassles.

It is effective in tracking how much you seem to be earning every month, dedicated to recurring bills, spending on daily expenses, and depositing as savings. PocketGuard boasts of a special feature that helps you in tracking individual bills and identifying opportunities to save.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

You Need a Budget seems to enjoy an almost cult-like following in the United States of passionate fans who refer to it as YNAB lovingly. This app does not suggest relying on conventional budgeting buckets.

Instead, it recommends building your unique budget that is based primarily on your earnings, assigning some jobs to every dollar in your budget.

These jobs would be including everything right from debt payments to living expenses to investments and savings. Since all dollars are accounted for, you are compelled to think before spending each dollar.

This app works best for both couples and individuals and offers both mobile and desktop interfaces. It offers special goal tracking and debt payoff features. The goal tracking feature would be motivating you to fulfill all your money aspirations and goals.


Wally is great for budgeting but it is not so easy to navigate in comparison to other existing budgeting apps. This amazing app helps you to consistently keep track of your income and expenses.

It provides a snapshot of the budget remaining so that you do not end up overspending. Wally has both an Android and iPhone version and is extremely popular with Millennials.

Wally supports practically all foreign currencies that make it a good option for people living outside the U.S.A.


Managing your money is quite a challenging job. Budgeting apps help you to consistently keep track of your income, expenses, and bank balance.

These apps usually connect with all your financial accounts and help you keep track of your spending throughout the month.

Cutting-edge budgeting apps could be pinpointing areas where you have been overspending, tracking all upcoming bill payments, keeping track of your investment portfolio and credit score. Choose a budgeting app that best caters to your unique requirements.


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