Best Amazon Black Friday Deals 2017

Amazon Black Friday Deals 2017

Black Friday 2017 is here and all the biggest retailers are competing with each others to introduce the best deals. You can get the best Black Friday deals 2017 at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Kohl, Costco, and other retailers as well.

Some of theme have already launched Pre-access deals and some will be available on Black Friday 2017. So, without delaying much we’ll take you to the best Black Friday deals 2017 so that you can makeup most out of this loot sale. Following is a list of them:


TVs and Accessories:

best black friday deals

TVs are always the favorite ones on Black Friday because people save huge on the deals. This year many retailers are offering some best deals for the TVs. At Amazon you can get the following best black Friday deals 2017 for TVs:

  • LG 55-inch OLED Smart 4K TV for $1496.99 (Save $300)
  • Samsung 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV for $897.99 (Save $302)
  • TCL 55-inch P series for $650 (Save $150)

Best Buy has the following best deal for TV:

  • Samsung 49-inch MU8000 for $700 (Save $300)

At Walmart:

  • Vizio P55-E1 for $900 (Save $100)

Tablets and Laptops:

best black friday deals

Following are the best computers and tablet deals at the best retailers on the Black Friday.

We’ll start with Amazon:

  • Fire HD 10 for $99.99 (Save $50)
  • Kindle for $49.99 (Save $30)
  • Fire HD 8 Kids Edition for $89.99 (Save $40)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A for $97.99 (Save $30)

Best Deals at Dell:

  • Dell XPS 15 Laptop starting at $1399.99 (Save $350)
  • Dell XPS 13 Laptop starting at $999.99 (Save $300)
  • Dell Inspiration 15 7000 Gaming Laptop Starting at $899.99 (Save $200)


Following are the best smartphone deals at Walmart:

  • Buy a new iPhone or Galaxy phone on Verizon installment plan or AT&T and get a free $300 Walmart gift card.
  • Galaxy S7 (32 GB) for $299 (Save $200)

Best smartphone deals at Best Buy are:

  • LG G6 for $119.76 (Save $360.24)
  • iPhone 8 or 8 Plus on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint installment plans (Save $200)
  • Galaxy S8, S8 plus, or Note 8 on Verizon and Sprint installments (Save $300)

Best smartphone deals at Target are:

  • Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, or Note 8 on Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint installment and get a free $300 Target gift card.
  • iPhone 8 or 8 Plus on Verizon, AT&T, or Spring Installment plan and get a free $250 Target gift card.


best black friday deals

Starting with Amazon, following are the best Camera deals on Black Friday this year:

  • Sony Alpha a6000 mirrorless Digital camera for $498 (Save $152)
  • Panasonic Lumix G7 4K Mirrorless Camera for $497.77 (Save $100)

Best deals at Canon are:

  • Canon Power Shot G9 X (refurbished) for $249.99 (Save $230)
  • Canon EOS Rebel (refurbished) for $278.99 (Save $161)

Bottom Line:

There are lots of other best Black Friday deals 2017 but we had to highlight some of the hot favorite ones. TVs, Computers, Laptops, Cameras, and smartphones have always been the hottest selling items on Black Friday every year and we wanted to make sure that you don’t miss on them.


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