Ataribox: Atari’s Classic Comeback


It has been a rough patch for our childhood favorite Atari. From their last piece in 1993 being a huge flop, to the company’s massive decline and the interminable bankruptcy issues, Atari totally lost in the world somewhere. However, after 24 years, they are making a comeback with Ataribox. What is that? It is a newly designed NES Classic retro console, the modern software being paired with the traditional Atari classics. Let us head to the Ataribox review for more details.

Ataribox Release Date

There hasn’t been a confirmed date announced yet but according to the company’s newsletter in July 2017, Spring 2018 is Atari’s target for the release. Since it is their first comeback in a long time, Atari is making sure to leak details systematically. They want to be well prepared before they release the console since it is a matter of huge risk and investment.


Ataribox Price

Keeping in view the latest technology and trends, Ataribox is priced at an estimate between $250 and $300.

Ataribox Specs

The Ataribox will come out in two models, a classic wood grain front and the second one with a streamlined aesthetic look more similar to a cable box, available in black and red. Both models have almost the same design with grooved lines on its body. The models contain an HDMI port, four USB ports, and an Ethernet cable port for wired access. In addition, it will contain an access to SD cards where you will be able to store more games and media or increase the storage capacity.

The main objective of Ataribox will be to integrate the new product with the old heritage of Atari hardware that they have been designing since years.

Ataribox will a customized processor with Radeon Graphics Technology, enough to run high memory games like Minecraft and others. It will also run the traditional Atari games, without any glitches in the memory or processing speed hopefully.

Ataribox Features

The hardware Ataribox will help the new console give users a full PC experience to their television sets, that includes watching movies, stream shows, use different apps, browse internet, social media, and listen to music.

The gamepad, which could be a surprise for fans, is yet to be announced next year, in early 2018.

Besides that, Ataribox games will comprise of the classic games, either built-in or downloadable. Atari owns the rights to over 200 various game properties namely Pong, Missile Command, Asteroids and Centipede.

Ataribox Pre-order

Pre-orders for Ataribox will go live this December for all the interested customers, according to a recent report from CNET. The console was first disclosed at E3 in June and then through a formal unveiling in July which demonstrated a picture of the two models.


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