Apple MacBook Sleeve: An Added Luxury


From the iPhones to MacBook, iPad to the beautiful iwatch, Apple Inc. has always had something exceptional in store for the fans. Each gadget summed up with the latest of technology has made lives a lot easier than the past. Creativity, innovation and design, they have never let us down when it comes to Apple.

In between the recent hype of the release of the iPhone X, Apple drafted our attention towards its very own stamped leather sleeve, an added luxury for your 12-inch/10.5-inch MacBook. Now you can not only exhibit your MacBook but also flaunt your leather sleeve along with that too!


Apple MacBook Sleeve Features

This MacBook sleeve resembles a lot to the previously launched Sleeve for iPad Pro, but has two different colours, Midnight Blue and the exquisite Saddle Brown. Moreover, unlike the former, this includes a slit along the horizontal side of the leather, which makes it very much convenient to insert or remove the MacBook from the sleeve.

In addition to that, there are 4-feet indentions on the back to house the MacBook into the sleeve easily. Plus, you can also charge your MacBook through the USB cable even when it is placed safe inside the sleeve.

One special feature about this leathery sleeve is the distinctive Apple logo carved on its back. It is the first time that the company initiated this, because previously they have been selling third party MacBook cases. And after its success, it can pave way for the launch of protective sleeves for their iPads and iPhones too.

Apple MacBook Sleeve Price

As luxurious as this seems, the delicate MacBook sleeve are unsurprisingly not very cheap and pocket friendly. They are available for shipment and delivery all over US, UK and Europe for a pricy rate of $149. You can order anytime, with one business day free shipping time for this product.

Apple MacBook Sleeve Specs

The sleeves are specially designed from high-quality European leather, including a soft microfiber inside to protect the elegant aluminium structure of your MacBook. This royalty accommodates the heavy price set for the product.

If you are looking for a similar type but economical, you can try out the MoKo Sleeve Bag, a part leather available on Amazon. However, it does have everything same as the MacBook sleeve, but this will never have the real touch of what an Apple product offers.

Besides, the MacBook sleeve is gentle, easy to carry and a perfect fit for your 12-inch/10.5-inch MacBook. It protects from dust, heat and any potential cracks on the MacBook and makes it a wonderful support.


I am sure this fantasy Apple MacBook Sleeve review must have got you very excited. If you own a MacBook, then you really do not have to wait. Order your favorite color from the Apple Store and get it delivered in one shipping day. Since the iPhone X pre-orders have not started to ship yet, you can make the most of your anxious waiting time by ordering this stroke of genius.


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