Apple Mac Mini 2018 Release Date, Features and Rumors

apple mac mini

We didn’t get to see any Apple Mac Mini since 2014, and now Apple has confirmed that Mac Mini is still an important gadget to them. The Mac Mini 2018 release date has been scheduled for this year and we are hoping that the gadget will be a bit affordable and will feature a bigger screen.

We don’t officially know the exact date of release of the Apple Mac Mini 2018, but we know that this is the year when it will be finally revealed after four long years. The previous Mac Mini was released in October 2014 and perhaps this year Apple will announce it at the WWDC 2018 event. If you’re willing to know more about this gadget, read this Mac Mini 2018 review below.

Apple Mac Mini 2018 Price:

apple mac mini

Since the release date of Mac Mini 2018 is still not known, we don’t know anything about its price either. The rumors regarding the price will start circulating when the release date will be near. However, the Apple Mac Mini 2018 price can be speculated by comparing the previous Mac Mini devices. The Mac Mini with lowest specs cost around $499 and the priciest one had a price-tag of $999. We hope that the Mac Mini 2018 will be within this price range, but if it uses more powerful hardware we can expect a higher price tag too.

Mac Mini 2018 Features:

apple mac mini

The New Mac Mini is expected to be equipped with more powerful component and it won’t be as Mini as the previous ones were. The larger design will be chosen for better cooling and space. However, this rumor is also vague and there are no confirm reports about the Mac Mini 2018 features. But this has been assumed due to a reason. The Apple Mac Mini 2018 is sure to be equipped with more powerful components than its predecessors and this will produce more heat in the device, to reduce the heat dissipation, it is expected that the Mac Mini will have a larger and spacious design.

The Kaby Lake processors designed by Intel would make a perfect fit for the Mac Mini 2018 as it supports USB Type-C, Thunderbolt 3, 4K Video, and DisplayPort 1.2. There are also speculations that the Mac Mini 2018 will be equipped with the Intel’s upcoming Cannon Lake processors that are even more powerful and high-performing.

As far as the design is concerned, we aren’t expecting a major change in the build, but we think it will be thinner than the previous models. The Mac Mini i7 was priced at $799 and it was equipped with an Intel 2.3 GHZ quad-core i7 processor along with a 4 GB on-board RAM. The Mac Mini 2018 is expected to be even more powerful than its predecessors.


The Apple Mac Mini is Apple’s smallest gadget and is an important product in the company’s lineup. Since it is being released after four years, there is much hype and Apple fans are waiting eagerly for it. We hope this Mac Mini 2018 review will help you understand some of the specs and features of this device.


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