Apple iMac Pro: The Most Powerful Desktop Machine


The WWDC 2017 attendees were lucky enough to be introduced with the workstation class machine this summer, the Apple iMac Pro. Yesterday Apple revealed that their long-awaited iMac Pro won’t be available before 14th of december this year.

The good news for you is that, Apple iMac Pro release date has been scheduled for tomorrow and this 27-inch machine will be available for purchase easily. Apple iMac Pro sale will thus start from tomorrow with a premium price tag and it will feature almost the same design as the standard iMac but a new thermal design and all-flash architecture.

Apple iMac Pro Price:

The Apple iMac Pro price is starting from $4,999 and we are not surprised with this high price tag. This powerful desktop machine was already in discussion since it was revealed in WWDC 2017 in June, and everyone was expecting it to be $5000 or more. So before you’re ready to spend $5000 on this powerful device, read some of its features below.

Apple iMac Pro Features:


iMac Pro


The 27-inch Apple iMac Pro has an ultra-thin body and a small footprint. The thing which makes it different from the standard iMac is the new thermal design which increases the cooling capacity by 80% and allow 75% more air flow too. The airflow supports the power and battery life of the device and thus it has 67% more power than the previous one.


If we talk about the best Apple iMac Pro specs, the workstation class processor is worth mentioning. The device uses Xeon processors with 18 cores and will also be equipped with an A10 coprocessor. Thus, if the standard model is available with an 8-core processor, you can benefit from the offer of 10-core processor too. The processor cache is of 42 MB which means the tasks will be completed very quickly.



Apple iMac Pro will feature a new AMD Radeon Pro Vega GPU which is one of the best improvements in the graphics industry. This means that the iMac Pro will allow you to play back 4K H.265 clip without transcoding in real-time.

RAM and storage:

The device has a gigantic memory of up to 128 GB DDR4 ECC which will allow you to run multiple apps at once. The standard 27-inch iMac will be configurable to 64 GB DDR4 memory with RAM slots on the back. The device also offers a 1TB SSD as a standard which can go up to 4TB SSD.


The previous iMac offered two Thunderbolt 3/USB Type-C ports and this one offers four Thunderbolt 3/USB Type-C ports. This means you can connect two more monitors of 5K for an additional 44 million pixels, which is very impressive.


Though the new Apple iMac Pro is very expensive, it is a workstation grade device and is one of the most powerful too. The Apple iMac Pro is equipped with the latest and high-end technologies and thus it won’t disappoint its fans. The hardware and specs truly justify its price and overall it is a top-notch and powerful desktop machine. You can also read a detailed Apple iMac Pro review here.


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