Apple Homepod Review: Sneak Peek


Gone are the glory days for both Amazon and Google because Apple is back. The much-awaited Apple Homepod is almost here. Disclosed at the WWDC 2017, this smart speaker is as similar as the Amazon Echo and Google mini products but very different in functionality.

With every incoming revolution, voice assistants have started becoming a very important support. Be it smart phone, gps, home devices and now smart speakers. It is amazing how without any physical sustenance, our day-to-day routine tasks can be carried out so easily. With the introduction of Homepod, Apple has also stepped into the competition. It is equipped with Apple’s voice assistant Siri that will complete your daily life and make everything convenient.

Read on below for all the unveiling details we have so far about Apple’s Homepod.

Apple Homepod Release Date

Apple Homepod speakers according to the company’s first announcement were slated for release in December 2017. However, after a few delays, the new release date is now on February 9, 2017, with Apple Homepod preorders opening on January 26th.

Apple Homepod Price

Knowing that it’s Apple, you can never doubt the features and quality. So does the price. The product may be pricey but it is totally worth all your money. The Apple Homepod price is set to be $349 / £319 / AU$499 in the US, UK and Australia respectively.

Apple Homepod Specs

The Apple Homepod is 7-inches tall, with 7 tweeters on its bottom, along with a 4-inch upward facing woofer. It requires an iPhone 5s or any Apple device having iOS 11 or later for connectivity and starting options.

Besides, the speaker contains 6 microphones that work on voice commands. You can use them to control your playlist and ask questions regarding the songs or artists. In addition, you can tell your voice assistant which song or band you like, so it can recommend you songs in future.

Apple Homepod Features

Therefore, it is clear that Apple Homepod is not just an ordinary speaker. It is a feature-packed assistant that will be spatially aware, so it should know how to adjust its sound settings to suit your home needs. It can detect the surroundings and objects around it and optimise the volume.

Apple has also announced that the microphone array is smart enough to cancel all background noise so the speaker can hear you over other sounds. This has made easy because of the A8 chip, which is the most powerful processor that is found in a speaker.

One of the standout features is the ability to mute the Homepod or temporarily ban your voice assistant Siri. The Homepod is compatible with a number of other features such as providing weather information, placing reminders and controlling other home devices.

An interesting feature includes sending messages from your Homepod after integrating it with iMessage.

Smart speakers are a perfect fit for your living room. Based on what we know so far, there are a few shortcomings. Homepod doesn’t lets you play third party music apps, or connect with non-Apple apps which clearly didn’t happen with Alexa and Google home. There are also a few improvements needed with Siri but we hope Homepod comes out strong against its rivals.


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