Apple’s AR System gets a Powerful Boost: ARKit 1.5  


Apple’s augmented reality platform, the ARKit is a strong basis in majority of iOS applications. Its implicating features have made the software more interactive, user-friendly and up to date with the latest technology. Recently, Apple announced an updated version called the ARKit 1.5 with many features that AR fans can rejoice about.

What is Apple’s ARKit?

So, the ARKit as explained above is an augmented reality kit that enables apps to have AR technology instilled in them. The new version is likely to release along with the beta release of the newest iOS software.

Apple’s ARKit was first announced for iPhones and iPads last year at the WWDC 2017, where it came out officially in September. The augment reality had already been in use in applications like Pokémon Go but it did not fully utilized the computer vision technology and the advanced depth sensors. This can now happen, thanks to ARKit.

Apple’s ARKit Features

The updated version will have a number of features including support for vertical planes. It is basically a sensor on the phone to recognize not only the floor you’re standing on but also the walls and windows around you. Therefore, in case of any new application, the developer can use the built in features specified in the ARKit.

Many of you would be wondering how to use Apple’s ARKit. The ARKit will download itself along with the newest iOS update and automatically understand vertical planes using sensors and camera input. For example, during a demo at Apple’s campus, a game comprising of throwing balls at the virtual game board was tested. In a basic version, if the ball missed the board, it would continue to go into space since the app did not support augmented reality. However, using it with the ARKit, it will understand the walls and objects around so the balls will bounce back.

According to the company, Apple’s ARKit Specs will have the consumer beta of iOS 11.3 along with the new version 1.5.

Apple’s ARKit Benefits

One of the greatest benefits that it would bring to Apple devices is the basis of understanding and intelligence in applications. The games would become more interactive and the apps more communicative.

The new version of ARKit also has 2D image recognition, where you can point your phone any image or wall hanging and the ARKit app will show related information. Any image or even a sound recording could also trigger another action in the app. You could go to museums or gallery and spawn any painting and the phone can recognize them for you.

Lastly, it will also support imagery in 1080p HD for the first time in history. Since its release, a record 2000 App Store apps have been developed with ARKit features. You can imagine the technology booming out in our lives. It might sound like a little but for ARKit it is a lot. Lets see how this innovation moves forward as we go deeper and deeper into augmented reality.


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