Android P is Official: Google Releases Developer’s Preview


Google has just provided the developers with a preview of its Android P, which is its next big mobile operating system. The preview is available for developers only and its release date for the general public is nowhere near.

We don’t know much about this new operating system but we have a glimpse of some of the Android P features because of the developer’s preview available. However, as more Android P leaks and rumors will develop, we’ll inform our readers by updating our reviews for this advanced operating system. If you are one of those curious people, you can learn about the Android P manual installation here.

When will it be available?

If you’re wondering about the Android P release date, we can’t give any particular time slot but let us tell you that a public release is expected for the last months of 2018 for its arrival. We are also expecting that after some months, Google will open the Android Beta program which will allow the users to install the genuine version of Android P. There is no specific release date but we’ll get to know more about the Android P specs in May.

What are the expected Android P Features?

The public Android P beta program is not released for the regular users but Google has launched a preview so that the app developers could have an idea. We are expecting to hear more about the Android P features in the future but till now we’ll rely on some of the Android P rumors from some reliable sources.

According to the latest Android P news, the Android P will get a formal release at the Google I/O 2018 because the Android Oreo was also formally introduced at the Google I/O 2017. Google shed light on some of the important Android P specs in its blog post. The key features of the operating system in this preview were mostly focused on the app building tools for the developers. A ‘display cutout’ support is expected to be included in the Android P features and the iPhone-X like notches will also be supported by the operating system.

Using the new Android P specs and features, the app developers will be able to improve the user experience by far. Some Android P rumors also include upgrades for image compression and video playback and the support for HEIF and HDR VP9 Profile. Some Android P news suggests that an advanced multi-Camera API support will be available for the phones with dual rear facing or front cameras too. This advanced feature will bring more opportunities for those apps which require streaming from two cameras at one time.


If you’re an app developer, you can try installing the Android P version manually from the link given above, but if you’re a regular user we don’t recommend doing so. In no time Google is going to release the Android Beta program for the public and then you’ll be able to install it on your Android device.




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