Android Go: All you need to know


The recently launched Android Go for the developing world maybe a next big step towards promoting inexpensive phones. Obviously, there is a class of people that aren’t going to buy the flagship phones every time. Therefore, Google’s initiative towards making a classy operating system for the mid-range handsets may be a very futuristic idea.

What is Android Go?

Android Go basically is a lightweight newly built version of Android 8.1 Oreo that is designed for entry-level devices. Previously Google had been working on Android One, but this time with an improved budget, it launched the Android Go. The main purpose behind this inventiveness is to bring a unique experience of Android to low costing smart phones so that they are available to everyone.

It was launched at the Mobile World Conference 2018 in Barcelona last week where Google’s efforts were highly appreciated. Google also listed out the new Android Go Phones that will release later this year.

How to use Android Go?

Android Go uses the same mechanism as of the standard version of Android but with a different system to make it work on devices that have a lower memory. Usually devices with under-powered hardware and RAM less than 1GB are suitable to own it. This first version is built on Android 8.1 Oreo, which features data management and data usage alongside.

Android Go won’t be different to use. Just get an Android Go phone and it will work exactly as you use other flagship phones. All devices that have Android Go enabled will come with Google Play Protect. This security suite uses machine learning to look to look for viruses. In addition, it scans every app you install, also those that are downloaded from the internet. Hence, your device is constantly protected and kept secure.

Android Go Applications

When the operating system and hardware support low memory, it is necessary for applications to be of minimal memory for better performance. To support that, Google has released lightweight versions of its built in applications. They include Google Go, for searching the web, Google Assistant Go an assistant launched within 1GB RAM for the first time ever. Other apps include Gboard Go, Maps Go, Files Go, YouTube Go and Gmail Go. All these lightweight apps can easily fit into a storage less than 8GB and won’t affect performance.

List of Android Go Phones

These cheap Android Go phones will come under $50 mark and be affordable for people in the developing world. Most of these Android Go Phone series launched at the MWC when Google announced initially.

  • Alcatel 1X
  • Nokia 1
  • Lava Z50
  • Micromax Bharat Go
  • ZTE Temp Go
  • General Mobile GM 8 Go
  • Huawei Phones that were to be revealed later.

With Android Go, we may think that it will be easier to deliver a decent Android experience on sub-$50 devices. By optimizing the software to run on low-powered hardware, Google is providing a healthy solution to switch from the pricey feature phones.


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