Android 9.0: Release Date, Rumors and Much More


We’ve talked about Android Go in the previous article and how it will be paving ways for mid-range phones in the 21st century. Interestingly, Google on the other hand is working on another operating system to support the top-notch phones.  Yes, you got me right. Android P (or Android 9.0, as it is likely to be known as), will be next big headline of every news portfolio.

When is Android P coming out?

Based on the rumors, Google is likely to unveil Android P 9.0 in March 2018. However, that will only be available as a developer preview. The final Android P release date is expected to come out in August 2018 after a couple of beta versions.

The schedule may not be exactly as it is, since there hasn’t been any formal announcement yet. Anyway, lets keep our fingers crossed!

Android P Features

You must be wandering around a lot of Android P news lately, but once the early edition will start to hit, we’ll be able to say more about it. No specific feature statement has been out yet but based on the Android P rumors, there’d be options for blocking scam calls, dual screen support and bug fixes that were included in Android 8.0.

It will be available for more flexible and multi-display phones like Google Pixel 2, the upcoming ZTE Axon M or the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy X. More features will unveil at the Google I/O starting at May 8. It is being developed by the XDA Developers.

What is new in Android P?

The new operating system will include Wi-Fi Direct printing support, Bluetooth hearing aids and better integration. Besides, it will prevent malicious apps to run in the background that automatically access your camera or mic. The apps can be downloaded from the internet along with your other downloads. We’ll have to wait and see for ourselves how this new concept works.

A new feature that one can root for is the extraction of images into smaller image file sizes. These are also called HEIF or High Efficiency Image Format. It makes the Jpeg images 50% of their previous size. With this feature, you can store multiple photos in one file hence saving your phone’s memory.

The forthcoming OS will also support foldable displays and devices that have more than one display.

Android Go: All you need to know

Lastly, we would like to see a few things in the new OS as part of user experience.

  • Improved Picture-in-picture app support
  • Improved battery life
  • Faster Availability- the update should come sooner in all devices not just the top-notch.
  • Movable Search bar and a different layout unlike the previous one.
  • More customization
  • Google Assistant Feature
  • Availability on tablets as well.


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