America’s Got Talent Viewers Astonished As Mel B Walks Off The Stage


Last night, America’s Got Talent viewers were shocked as Mel B, the 42-year-old Spice Girls member and judge of the show, walked away from the stage during the live transmission. The event occurred during the Tuesday’s show of America’s Got Talent, and all this happened because of a squabble between Mel B and Simon Cowell.

There has always been a history of a feud between the judges of different shows, and this one is the same.

After Demian Aditya, the escape artist finished his amazing act that involved fire, wooden box, and steel stakes, the 57-year-old judge Simon Cowell decided to throw a joke. He said ‘I kind of think it will be like Mel B’s wedding night.’ He further said ‘A lot of anticipation, not much promise.’ But before Simon could finish his joke, Mel B grabbed her mug and threw the drink on him. The host Tyra Banks shared ‘Mel B is out. This is live TV, y’all.’ The joke had actually failed, and Tyra Banks had to cover it because the show was being watched all over the world.

Tyra Banks tried to cover up by saying that there’s a technical fault and there was nothing wrong with Aditya’s performance. It was evident that Mel B didn’t like the joke and she reacted in an extreme manner and stormed away from the stage. However, this isn’t the first time Mel B had a clash with Cowell.

Talking to Entertainment tonight, she talked about Cowell and said ‘He should know, if you say something inappropriate he’s gonna get like stuff thrown at him.’ She further said ‘In a friendly way. I made sure there was no ice in it this time.’

According to our analysis, Cowell’s joke was very poorly timed as Mel B decided to end her 10-year-old marriage to the film producer, Stephen Belafonte. According to Mel B’s representatives, her husband was responsible for causing emotional and physical abuse to her. Mel B’s fans took over twitter to support her and criticized Cowell because of his inappropriate and poor sense of humor.

When Mel B left, there were other acts left too, and the viewers were waiting for the judges to reunite. Demian’s performance hadn’t gone well because of a technical fault, but that didn’t have to do anything with the judges’ clash. However, Cowell’s joke was actually based on Demian’s performance because something went wrong in between.

Mel B returned to the stage before the turn of the next performer and then the show continued smoothly. Mel B later expressed her feelings on the incident in this way: ‘The act before made me cry, because it’s all about dads and cancer and I just lost my dad and then he goes and says something stupid like that, so then I got angry,’ She also said ‘How do you know what my wedding night was like all those years ago?’

Mel B told the news channels that she is single now but still have a lot of people who care and help her with her security.


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