Amazon Echo Spot- A Perfect Alarm Clock for Your Bedroom


If you are tired of your late-sleeping and waking habits, you are in dire need of something that can wake you up immediately. Amazon Echo Spot is a smart alarm clock with a camera, and designed especially for you to wake up on time.

Alarm clocks had lost popularity because these days most of the people prefer using their smartphones for setting alarm. Many people will still be wondering whether they need a smart Alarm clock or not. Here’s one thing they should know: studies suggest that using smartphones for everything is not a healthy thing, and using Amazon Echo Spot will offer you a good way to get rid of your phone from your bedroom. This Amazon Echo Spot review is for those who want to adopt a smart and healthy lifestyle and maintain a good routine.

Amazon Echo Spot Features:

Amazon Echo Spot is equipped with lots of features to assist you, such as a camera, time telling, weather reports, and also act as a smart home control device. Amazon Echo Spot price is $129.99 and it delivers excellent value for money at this rate. Echo Spot is almost similar to Echo Show but it is smaller and more affordable than it.


Echo Spot has a spectacular circular design and it is a cute looking smart device. It is available in black or white colors and the touch-screen indicates time, information, videos, lists, and other things. If we talk about the Amazon Echo Spot specs, the display is 480 pixels wide and measures 2.5 inches and thus it is only fit for displaying small information. There are a limited number of videos that are available because YouTube isn’t supported because there is big competition going on between Amazon and Google.


The best feature of Echo Spot is its ability to make a video call similar to the Echo Show. You can easily make calls to other Echo devices via Amazon Alexa App. If you want to make a call to Echo or Echo dot, you can make a voice call only as there is no screen in these devices.

Amazon Echo Spot vs. Alexa:

Alexa is a cloud-based smart assistant that is available on a variety of Amazon devices, including Amazon Echo Spot. You can easily integrate Alexa into your device and connect various devices to it. It gives a natural voice experience and offers great opportunities to the users. Amazon Echo Spot has four microphones on it so that you speak ‘Alexa’ and wait for it to respond.

Amazon Echo Spot vs. Amazon Echo Dot:

Buying an Amazon Echo Dot is a great way to start with the Alexa thing as it is very affordable; it costs only $49 and you can get it for as low as $30 in sale seasons. Amazon Echo Dot is an amazing voice assistant which allows the user to give commands and it responds promptly and wisely. It can perform a lot of functions such as answer your questions and give you access to lots of information. Amazon Echo Dot is the new big thing as it supports voice calling and video calling both.


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