Amazon Echo Plus With A Smart Built-In Hub

Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Plus is an updated piece of hardware from the Smart Alexa lin up and offers good voice control and improved audio. The device is a perfect one-box solution for all the people who need a smart home device to connect their other devices to. It is a very capable and reliable voice-assisted and has a strong Wi-Fi reception.

Amazon Echo Plus looks very similar to the original Echo, but there are some differences if we talk about the features. The Echo Plus has a Zigbee hub under the silvery surface that allows the users to connect the other smart home devices. Following is a brief Amazon Echo Plus review to give you an idea about the main features of the device:

Amazon Echo Plus Features:


Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Plus has a smaller size if we compare it to the original Echo. It has a cylindrical look and is available in warm silver, black, and white shades. Echo Plus’s distinguishing looks are the dotted speaker grilles that surround the speaker and go half way up. Most of the controls are carried out through voice commands but there are still two buttons provided to activate Alexa and to mute the mic.

There is a rotating ring at the top of the device which allows the user to change the volume manually too. The Echo Plus has seven field mics that are very capable and can pic sound even if you’re at a distance. At the rear, there is a 3.5mm audio jack output port. It should be however noted that this is not a portable device and it must be powered through a power supply on a continuous basis and also receive Wi-Fi connectivity.


Amazon Echo Plus

If we talk about the other Amazon Echo Plus features, they are very simple and offer an easy way to connect your other devices to it. The setup process is very simple and you just have to link the Alexa phone app to the Echo Plus and the Wi-Fi connection available at your place. The Alexa app offers thousands of voice activated functions and you can even ask questions which will be answered accurately through the voice activated function.


Amazon Echo Plus speaker is a smart one as it uses a 360 degrees omni-directional output. The digital processing tinkering is also a good one and is supplied by Dolby. The auxiliary port also allows you to connect the device to a larger speaker. However, the new speaker design of this device is already very capable as the design is improved and it delivers more bass than its predecessors. If you’re used to listening to good quality speakers, the Echo Plus speaker will not disappoint you. Overall, Echo Plus is better at understanding the spoken commands than other devices and plays music well too.


Amazon Echo Plus

The Amazon Echo Plus price is $150 and is well equipped with improved and advanced features. It has a very affordable price range, though its expensive than the $100 Echo, but it is loaded with important features such as a dedicated hub for connectivity.



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