Amazing Katamari Damacy Hack, Cheats and Tricks


Amazing Katamari Damacy is one of those games which you can’t stop playing because of the intriguing features and involving gameplay. It is a ball rolling game endless runner game and is available for all the mobile devices.

The royal prince and his cousins are on a mission to save the galaxy and you have to help them by rolling a ball. If you have an iOS device you can easily download Katamari Damacy iOS from the App store and be a part of the endless fun. Katamari Damacy Apk is for those who want to download the game manually from a third party app on their Android device. If you have downloaded the game, make sure you go through our Katamari Damacy tips so that you can roll the ball with ease.



Katamari Damacy Tips:

The game features an amazing giant ball that you have to control and keep on rolling to progress in the game. There are numerous objects that you can add to your giant ball such as candies, balls, fruits, vehicles, and much more.

By rolling the ball you can do a lot of things such as helping the king of All Cosmos to please the Queen. In short, you have to save the world from turning into a doom. If you’re having a bit difficulty in progressing in the game, here are some Katamari Damacy hints and tips for you:

  • In other endless runner games you have power ups and boosts but in this game you have cousins to help you out. However, first you’ll have to help your cousins so that they can offer you with power ups and boosts when you need them. Opeo is the best cousin as it helps the player to stay in the game for longer periods.
  • While running you’ll come across many obstacles that will stop you from progressing. To make sure you get the least damage, you must choose the obstacle that is lesser harmful. Choose the obstacle that only disturbs your running and not ends the game. Obstacles such as wheels and holes can end your run when you hit them.
  • Launching rockets is an important part of the game as it is equal to opening chests in other games. Make sure that all your rockets are queued up so that they don’t waste much time. Some rockets take more time to launch than others and the ones that have longer wait times are more rewarding.
  • Always look ahead while you’re playing so that you know what’s coming your way. Try the Katamari Damacy hacks to earn unlimited resources.
  • To learn some Katamari Damacy Cheats, you can also visit the Katamari Damacy Forum. Be a part of the discussion and learn how to play like an expert.

Katamari Damacy is a unique and interesting game but at the same time it is a bit challenging too. To excel in the game, you’ll have to practice a lot because only then you’ll get the consistency. So now you’re all ready to restore the galaxy by rolling the ball in the game. Watch the video and have fun.


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