Alto’s Odyssey: An Endless Sandboarding Adventure


Adventure games have many benefits and they are considered as the best ones if you want to improve your brain functioning skills. One such adventure game was Alto’s Adventure which was launched in 2015 by Snowman, and it became very popular among adventure-gaming enthusiasts.

Alto’s Adventure is still enjoyed by many mobile gamers and even after three years it is considered as one of the best adventure games of mobile. Snowman created a character named as Alto, which used a sandboard and you had to control it through different environments. Gamers enjoyed the details in the game and they loved sliding down Alto around the sand dunes.


Since the announcement of Alto’s Odyssey, a sequel to Alto’s Adventure, gamers have been waiting for it impatiently. Alto’s Odyssey was set to be released on 22nd of February 2018 but it showed up on the iTunes one day earlier that is on 21st of February to surprise the fans. Alto’s Odyssey for Android will launch later as stated by a Snowman representative in an email to the Android Authority. If you’re looking forward to read a concise Alto’s Odyssey review, read more.

Alto’s Odyssey Features:

Alto’s Odyssey is quite similar to Alto’s adventure especially at the start. If you haven’t played Alto’s Adventure, let us tell you that you have to control Alto or other different characters that move on a sandboard through desert themes. Sandboarding in this game is really fun and you can also hold on the screen and perform various stunts such as backflips, multiple flips and grinds.

The desert environments are magnificent and each of the run involves new atmosphere with intricate details. Each run involves a day and night cycle which makes the game more interesting and exciting. The sky looks very attractive and the background is just amazing. Some of the important Alto’s Odyssey features are as follows:

  • Endless running
  • Funfilled sandboarding
  • Desert Themes
  • Numerous Skills such as backflips, vine grinds and rock bounce
  • Workshop for purchasing items
  • Wall Ride trick as a new addition to the features
  • Escaping the obstacles such as lemurs

Alto’s Odyssey Trailer:

Snowman knows well how to create an endless running game with some magnificent skills such as backflips and flips and grinds. The weather effects are real-time and the wind blowing, plants rolling around, and fog creates a realistic effect to the whole environment. The visuals are also very cool and they add a mesmerizing effect to the game. You can pause whenever you want to and continue the game after accessing the frozen time window. Watch the trailer below:

Alto’s Odyssey Free Download:

Alto’s Odyssey free download is available here. Download his free version on your iOS device and enjoy he gameplay. Alto’s Odyssey for Android is yet to be released, and thus Android users have to wait for sometime to get their hands on this game. Alto Odyssey is overall an adventurous and intriguing game and it gets more exciting and challenging as it progresses.



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