Roseanne Barr quit Twitter over ‘Jew hating’

Roseanne Barr quit Twitter over ‘Jew hating’

Former sitcom star and Macadamia nut farmer Roseanne Barr has quit Twitter over “Jew hating,” according to a Facebook status she posted. The actress and activist often shared right-wing (but also all over the map) opinions on Twitter, praising Donald Trump, attacking the Clintons and ranting about the occasional CIA mind-control program. But she deleted her account earlier this week; the account has since returned, but now it is private.

“I cannot take the jew hating on twitter so I left,” the actress wrote on her private Facebook wall.

Roseanne took down her Twitter account as ABC is working on an eight-episode reboot of “Roseanne,” set to debut next year. The show has already generated some controversy for its plans to feature a gender-fluid character, which has already led to calls for a boycott from One Million Moms, who surely must have something better to do.

It’s unclear exactly what “Jew hating” Roseanne faced, though Jew-hating and harassment are a feature of Twitter dot com in the Trump era, not a bug. Maybe she should have quit after this:

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