Good dog interrupts soccer match in Argentina, scores post-game interview


A soccer match in Argentina was briefly interrupted on Saturday night when an impatient dog decided it was tired of waiting for a corner kick and ran onto the field, determined to take matters into its own hands.

The little guy, having managed to gain access to a giant grass field and pristine ball, is clearly having the time of its life. A few San Lorenzo players tried to shoo the dog away, but not quite understanding the complexity of the rules of soccer, the canine seemed to think it had simply made some new friends who wanted to play fetch. The smart move would’ve just been to let the dog suit up and play, but apparently nobody on either team likes to have fun.

After the dog was finally escorted off the field, it was asked to explain itself. It managed got few barks in before deciding the microphone was yet another toy to play with. The interview was about as intelligible as any conversation with Gronk.

Credits/Original Post: deathandtaxesmag