Girl Arrested For Being The Mastermind Behind The Blue Whale Game

The Blue Whale Suicide Game

A 17-year-old Russian girl has recently been arrested and is accused of being the mastermind behind the scary and deadly game, The Blue Whale Challenge. The game encourages people, especially children and teenagers to harm themselves and commit suicide.

The Blue Whale Game is especially designed for those people who are already a victim of depression and anxiety and are looking for ways to run out of the situation. The game turns suicide into a thrilling thing and people enjoy completing different tasks that lead to suicide.

The girl was arrested from the south-east Russian region, Khabarovsk Krai, and is allegedly the mastermind for developing 50 challenging tasks of the game.

developer of The Blue Whale Challenge

According to the Russian interior ministry, the girl was sending majority of the life threatening tasks to the game followers and most of the children and teenagers were getting death threats against them or their loved ones for not finishing the given tasks.

Another guy, Philip Budeikin, is a psychology student and has confessed to use the game to kill the people, was also arrested. The Russian police raided his house as he was accused of being involved in this deadly game.

Philipp Budeikin

Russian state investigators claimed that the boy blackmailed and pressurized the game followers to perform the tasks. The Blue Whale game was developed by the girl and she used to set 50 different tasks for the victims that were psychologically and emotionally traumatizing and the final task was to commit suicide.

Because the guy is a psychology student, she knows well how to brainwash the minds of the people, especially the children’s and teenagers’. According to this Russian guy, the people who are killing themselves are just biological wastes and that he is just cleansing the society. According to him, the school girls are happy to die and he was using the Blue Whale game to help them. Philip is being arrested because he is guilty of inciting around 16 teenage girls to commit suicide as part of the Blue Whale game.

In short, we came to know that the game was designed by a 17-year-old teenage girl and the 21-year-old guy used to encourage people to play the game and commit suicides. Both are Russians and have been proven guilty of committing this crime by targeting the most vulnerable people of the society; the children and the teenagers.

The Blue Whale Game recently became very famous on social media and different schools started issuing warnings and notices for the parents to keep an eye on their children and not let them play this game. No matter how emotionally strong a person is, he/she will join the race of completing the tasks and in the end due to emotional exhaustion and desperation, will commit suicide.

I’m amazed of the fact that how a psychology student, who is meant to help the depressed and distressed people, has used his education and knowledge to encourage people to commit suicide. Social media challenges are on rise these days, but we hope that children and teenagers are monitored regularly so that they don’t fall victim to such things.