Equifax Security Breach Causes Millions To Suffer

Equifax hacked

Equifax is one of the largest credit reporting agencies and this Thursday it disclosed that the hackers have gained access to the information of around 143 million U.S citizens. The information included credit card numbers and personal data such as name, home address, phone numbers, drivers license numbers, and date of birth. This security breach is considered as the riskiest one as this information has always been the favorite of cyber criminals and hackers.

Equifax, which is based in Atlanta, has always been an attractive target for the hackers and this time they just succeeded in hacking the most sensitive information of the Equifax consumers. According to Pamela Dixon, the executive director of a nonprofit research company, you might be affected by this security breach too if you have a credit report. According to an investigation by Equifax and various security agencies, the hackers gained access to the information using a weak point in the website software.

If you have a credit report and want to keep yourself safe from this breach, you can go through this Guide and secure your personal information. This breach has affected a huge population of U.S. and if you have a credit report you must mark yourself by taking the necessary steps. Equifax discovered the security breach on 29th of July but as there was no proof of this act regarding the customers’ credit card numbers, they didn’t disclose it.

How To Protect Yourself From Equifax Data Breach

A fraud analyst, Avivah Litan, stated that if we had to rate this security breach on a scale of 1 to 10, this will be considered as a 10. An F.B.I spokesperson stated that Equifax was aware of the security breach and it was investigating into the matter and trying to fix the situation. According to some reports, the three leading executives of Equifax have recently sold their shares worth of $2 million in the company only some days after the security breach. Equifax has, however, cleared out the situation and stated that the sales of these shares have nothing to do with the breach. The executives also stated that they had no idea of the intrusion and it is a coincidence that they sold their shares at the same time.

Due to the security breach of the 143 million U.S consumers, the shares of Equifax fell quickly, at a rate of more than 12% during the trading hours. Equifax aimed to protect the identity and important personal information of its customers but it failed to do so. The founder and CEO of cyber-security, however, stated that this threat is an alarming situation for all the websites and credit reporting agencies and thus everyone should protect their customers’ identities.

Equifax is now alerting and informing all of its customers who are at a risk of this major and painful security breach and is cooperating with the federal and state authorities to deal with the situation. According to the latest news, the FBI is taking part in the investigation actively and trying to fix the situation to minimize the losses.