eBay and Facebook Team Up for Daily Deals on Mobile Marketplace

ebay and facebook team up

There are numerous reports that eBay Inc. and Facebook are collaborating to offer multiple deals daily on Facebook’s mobile marketplace. According to The Verge, the partnership is not confirmed yet. The collaboration is still in its initial phase of testing. The purpose of testing is first to analyze the people that if they are interested in discounted products and deals or not.

This feature is currently present on Facebook to get insights of the users who browse for eBay deals. However, it doesn’t let them buy from there. The only way is to check out through eBay’s official website.

Investors are keeping tabs on every single thing to check whether this idea will be successful or not. If it will be, then eBay will get another way to boost up its sales in the market by providing its features on Facebook. It will allow the owners to get more users in return.

Based on the same idea, recently eBay had collaborated with Shopify. They launched a new platform for the ease of their users in which the Shopify sellers were able to synchronize the inventory info. Also, they can sell the products and can view the messages of eBay buyers from their Shopify accounts.

Now eBay is strengthening its brand by taking more advanced steps like enhancing the mobile platform and working on new browser shopping strategies. Seeing the efforts, eBay is putting in this idea; it won’t be an understatement to think of it as a successful plan.

Talking about the deal with Facebook, it will surely increase the sales of eBay. For, Facebook has already launched its marketplace last year. And it is used by many local communities to promote their selling and buying the business. Still, eBay is a tough competitor. Instead of beating its position it is a better option for Facebook to become a partner with the leader.