Democrats introduce amendment to defund Trump’s voting fraud commission


Senators Cory Booker and Michael Bennet filed an amendment Monday to the annual defense spending bill that would prohibit the government from funding the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity — Donald Trump’s panel of dickbrains who don’t understand statistics and thinkJim Crow laws were good — established in May to look into that whole “three million illegal voters” thing.

The amendment, one of over 300 proposed to the National Defense Authorization Act currently being debate in the Senate, proposes defunding the commission in the 2018 fiscal year. The amendment also would prevent funds from being spent on any other commissions established to study “voter fraud.”

The commission met for the second time on Tuesday in New Hampshire and spent much of the meeting discussing the gun lobby’s favorite fake economist John Lott’s ideas about instituting background checks for voters, and explaining to vice chairman Kris Kobach why his allegation Thursday that Senator Maggie Hassan stole her seat through voter fraud was stupid.

Despite being corrected on his confused math by two other commissioners and one panelist, Kobach – who earned through his work as Kansas secretary of state the nickname from the ACLU, “King of Voter Suppression” — never admitted that his claim, published without a correction on Breitbart News, was wrong.

Also on Tuesday, the Campaign Legal Center published an email, obtained via FOIA, sent by the Heritage Foundation to Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III that complains about the appointment of Democrats to the commission. The Heritage employee called this “disturbing.”

“There isn’t a single Democratic official that will do anything other than obstruct any investigation of voter fraud and issue constant public announcements criticizing the commission and what it is doing, making claims that it is engaged in voter suppression,” the employee wrote.

Can’t imagine why they would claim such a thing.

Credits/Original Post: deathandtaxes