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shark attack on cape cod beach

Shark Attack Creates Panic On Cape Cod Beach

Sharks are known to be the deadliest and most powerful man eaters on earth. Due to many incidents regarding shark attacks, human fear these...

Donald Trump Really Looked Up Into The Sky During Solar Eclipse Without Glasses

There's literally only one rule with eclipses: Don't look at the sun during them. Which brings me to the President of the United States: And, again: And,...

13 Years Old Heart Transplant Survivor Died On His First Day At School

Peyton West's parents would never have thought that his first day of school this year was going to be his last. The 13-year-old had survived...
US Electrion worker accused

U.S. Election Worker In North Carolina Is Charged With Changing Total Vote Count During...

A former elections worker in North Carolina was indicted Monday by a Durham County grand jury for mishandling provisional ballot results during the March...
Cleveland Brown players kneel during national anthem

Cleveland Brown’s 12 Players Kneel During National Anthem Over Social and Racial Injustice

A dozen Browns players took a knee in prayer during the national anthem before Monday night's preseason game against the New York Giants. While the group knelt behind...

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